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20150521_113738Our focus for this blog will be on legal news and issues related to our firm’s practice areas. Our main goal will be to share and comment on events happening in the Southern District of Georgia, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, the Supreme Court of the United States, all Georgia trial courts, the Court of Appeals of Georgia, and the Supreme Court of Georgia. However, we may share and comment on a legal topic that’s not happening in one of those jurisdictions.

Please note: nothing you read on this blog is intended to be legal advice, nor will it form an attorney-client relationship. If you believe you need to consult an attorney, please do so, keeping in mind that you need to find an attorney who practices in the area where you need help (i.e. a tax lawyer for tax advice). We are also disabling the comment section, as we are not in a position to respond to comments and questions.

Harry Dixon
Harry Dixon

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